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People are strange creatures

People are strange creatures. They are more like cats – they get attached to places rather than people. I’m not much different with some places. I just fall head over heels in love the minute I set foot in a new place. It happened so with Barnstaple, which is absolutely irrational considering that only a [...]

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My SOL Experience

If I have to come up with one word to describe my SOL Teacher Training Course experience, that will be sharing. As the SOL slogan reads, we all shared one language. My hospitable hostess shared her typical English home with me. Then I had to share my lovely pink room with a friendly and charming [...]

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Teacher Training Course at SOL in Barnstaple

What is SOL (Sharing One Language) At the BETA Conference in Plovdiv, 2006, I was the lucky winner of the prize to attend for free the Teacher Training Course at SOL in Barnstaple, North Devon, UK. SOL is a non-profit organization, set up in 1991, by its present Director, Grenville Yeo, (who will attend this [...]

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