Friday 15th May
‘How to avoid teacher burnout’ with Agi Enyedi
Professional burnout affects people who work in helping or in managerial professions and teachers are a very likely group to be affected. Burnout is a condition that is self-destructive and contagious. It is stress, the lack of motivation and emotional fatigue that are associated with it. How can the initial signs of burnout be spotted? How can teachers, whose professional activity lies in motivating and inspiring students, also inspire their colleagues (and themselves) to avoid burning out? In this webinar Agi Enyedi will look into the background of burnout and share some teachers’ ideas about how stay away from it.
Thursday 28th May
‘Successful inclusion for dyslexic students in the English language classroom’ by the ELTons 2014 winners of Excellence in Course Innovation

Using example materials and tasks from the Dystefl project, Judit Kormos (Lancaster University) and Joanna Nijakowska (University of Łódź) will outline which methods of classroom management, task design and teaching techniques can empower dyslexic language learners to fulfil their potential in language learning.
Friday 29th May
‘Factors influencing success in teaching English in state primary schools’ with Fiona Copland (University of Stirling) and Sue Garton (Aston University)

The widespread introduction of English language teaching in primary schools is a worldwide phenomenon. Drawing on findings from a mixed methods research project investigating global practices in teaching English to young learners, this webinar identifies key factors affecting the implementation of primary school English. In particular, the webinar will focus on factors that have previously been identified in the research literature as well as a number of new issues identified by teachers in our study. The talk will be illustrated with a number of examples taken from research data, which show how primary English can be successful.
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