Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to announce again another special competition this year. We owe it to Lilia Savova – plenary speaker at BETA Conference 2015 inSofia.
The prize will be attending BETA Conference 2016 free of charge and covering your travel expenses OR two nights’ accommodation. You will receive a certificate at the AGM in 2016.
In order to apply, and hopefully win, you have to:
1. have attended BETA 2015
2. after the beginning of 2015-2016 school year, you have to apply in your work ideas gained from the conference presentations
3. report on an activity you have done; the idea has to be from a workshop or another presentation at this year’s conference, please mention the presentation and the presenter that inspired you; the activity has to be described in 500 words minimum.
4. this short article will be published in BETA E-Newsletter.
You can use the following plan to help you
Why did you choose this activity?
What age / language level is it suitable for?
What materials do you need?
What specific language points or skills can it be used for?
What did you do before, during and after the activity?
What did your students do?
Were there any problems?
How were they solved?
What lessons have you learned from using this activity?
Please, send your material not later than 10th December 2015 to providing your name, contact number / e-mail and school / organization.
BETA 2015 Organizing Team