Diane Larsen-Freeman (Ph.D. in linguistics) is Professor Emerita of Education, Professor Emerita of Linguistics, and Research Scientist Emerita at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She is also a Professor Emerita at the Graduate SIT Institute in Brattleboro, Vermont and a Visiting Senior Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. Her most recent books are Teaching Language: From Grammar to Grammaring (2003), Complex Systems and Applied Linguistics (2008, with L. Cameron), winner of the Kenneth Mildenberger Book Prize, the third edition of Techniques and Principles (2011, with M. Anderson), and the third edition of The Grammar Book, Form, Meaning, and Use for English Language Teachers (2015, with M. Celce-Murcia). She was the Editor of the journal Language Learning and is currently Chair of its Board of Directors. Professor Larsen-Freeman has been teaching for fifty years and is still learning.

Bridging to the future: The dynamic quality of language

Perhaps now more than ever before we can appreciate the dynamism of language — its fluid, changing nature. But what does this characterization of language portend for English language teaching? How can we help our students aim at a moving target? In this presentation, I will explore the dynamism of language in use, and I will offer some suggestions for how to manage its learning.

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