Dr. Zuzana Tomaš earned her doctorate at the University of Utah. Since coming to EMU in 2011, Dr. Tomaš has taught graduate and undergraduate English as a second language (ESLN) courses for international students and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) teacher preparation courses. Dr. Tomaš has also worked with in-service teachers and university faculty through various professional development workshops and seminars in the United States, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, China, and Syria.

Enriching Learning, Saving Time: Designing Effective Writing Assignments

Teaching students to write in a second language is particularly demanding due to the need to provide out-of-class support, respond to drafts, and grade papers. In this presentation, teachers learn how to cope with these time demands while simultaneously maximizing their students’ learning. Participants will be challenged to apply at least two of the discussed recommendations to revise or design a writing assignment for their students.

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