Denis Cunningham has been involved in (languages) education in a wide variety of contexts over the last forty years. This has included teaching in Victoria and France, consultancy, and management within the Victorian School of Languages, where he was the Assistant Principal until 2006. He has published 300 and presented 200 papers in thirty countries, collaborated with UNESCO and Linguapaxon projects and policies, was President and Secretary General of the world federation of language teachers, FIPLV. He is currently an FIPLV Honorary Counsellor.


Effecting Change in the Classroom…

After a brief historical overview, a consideration of some theories precedes a study of current thinking in and outside Australia. This includes the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) and the PEEL (Project for Enhancing Effective Learning) principles for teaching and quality learning, good learning behaviours and the role of ICT (Information Communication Technologies). Current research is used as a premise upon which to reflect on personal classroom practices, which appear to work.