BETA-IATEFL E-NEWSLETTER No. 40 (March-April 2019)

Dear colleagues,

Below you will find the table of content for the BETA-IATEFL E-NEWSLETTER no. 40. Feel free to share your classroom experiences with a wider audience and do not hesitate to send your suggestions for contributions to betaiatefl.publish [@] Note that our newsletter is listed in NACID.

Editors’ Corner p. 3
Viral Marketing (Minka Paraskevova) p. 6
Excuse me (Lyubomira Karnobashka) p. 14
“The Cat Story” (Diana Velcheva-Emmanouilidou) p. 21
Forthcoming Events in the World of ELT p. 26
Writing for the BETA E-Newsletter p. 27
Notes for Contributors p. 28


Happy reading!



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