2010 Veliko Turnovo

19th BETA-IATEFL Annual Conference
23-25 April 2010, Veliko Turnovo

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How to promote active citizenship through foreign language teaching?

Abstract: Nowadays the gap between policymakers and citizens is widening and there is a growing concern about social apathy, passive citizenship and declining social attitudes in a multicultural Europe and particularly in Bulgaria. In this context, the question that this paper addresses is if, and to what extent, the way we teach foreign language impacts [...]

Tales and children’s books in teaching young learners

Tales and children’s books are a rich resource of authentic linguistic input. Using a book while storytelling motivates children for extensive reading: they sometimes bring other books from the same collection or books on the same topic. Working with stories, the students develop linguistic notions and become more skillful in using various grammatical categories and [...]

Creativity and young learners

Consider these behaviours? Josh is a resident of a remote rural area. For the past three years he has been sitting on the porch of his dilapidates shack, knitting himself purple mittens with no thumbs. He talks to himself incessantly about everything he has ever seen or done. Is he creative? Joseph is Josh’s neighbour. [...]

English culture and education – a contribution to English language acquisition in Bulgaria – a cross-cultural analysis

Aim: In creating the image of a nation one can always rely on the traditions and customs in a particular group of people and in order to understand the attitude towards education, one should first scrutinize the meaning and importance of different aspects of the life of a nation. Intercultural analysis is a very complex [...]

Beauty in suggestopedic language teaching and learning

Abstract: Suggestopedia is based on seven laws. One of them is Use of Classical Art and Aesthetics. The paper reflects on the importance of introducing students to the beauty of the target language and the culture of the people it represents. Key words: suggestopedia, art, beauty, second language acquisition, catharsis, global-partial, seven laws of suggestopedia Suggestopedia [...]

Teaching terms effectively in ESP

Abstract: The presentation is aimed at discussing some aspects of effective teaching of specialized vocabulary in ESP lessons. Problems of selecting, presenting and practicing terms will be approached from both theoretical and practical points of view. Examples and conclusions will be based on teaching military terminology to professionals at tertiary level. INTRODUCTION This paper aims [...]

Teaching vocational English: a two-way challenge

About the necessity of adequate growth in both- students and teachers: A miss of effective motivating methods of teaching; Main purpose of teaching Vocational English: To acquire a system of knowledge for reading, receiving and sending information in English language, that is connected with the main activities in studied speciality and suitable developing communicative skills. [...]

Is it difficult to make a listening test?

Summary It is not uncommon for EL teachers in Bulgaria to avoid testing listening comprehension for a variety of reasons. In this workshop participants are invited to consider some techniques which are not very demanding from the point of view of test construction, and are interesting and motivating for the learners. The activities are most [...]

Beliefs about Language Learning Revisited

How have students’ beliefs about language learning changed after participating in Erasmus exchange programmes?

Some observations on teaching business translation to Bulgarian undergraduate students

Abstract: The present-day needs of the translation market in Bulgaria make it necessary for the universities to introduce business translation courses in their curricula. The author of the present paper shares her experience of teaching business translation to undergraduate students at Veliko Turnovo University “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”, Bulgaria. She describes the course objectives, [...]