E-Newsletter, Issue 18 (July-August 2015)

In the current issue

  • Editors’ Corner  …  5
  • Making the most of your teaching context: SEETA Research Project (Desmond Thomas, Zarina Markova, Anna Parisi) ……   7
  • Classrooms and contexts: how to make your mixed class a happy class (Anne Wiseman)    ……    23
  • A reactive approach to teaching English through literature (Svetlana Dimitrova-Gyuzeleva)  ……  31
  • Variety of activities (and approaches) in teaching English to young learners (Zhivka Ilieva)     ……      53
  • European cross-cultural competency for foreign languages (Mina Hubenova)   ……       68
  • Eating voices (representations of culture through food and FLT) (Irina Perianova)   …… 79
  • Verbs of motion and restriction associated with immigration in The Telegraph (Dilyan Gatev)   ……    98
  • Developing an ESP course: setting goals and objectives (Galina Koteva)  ……   113
  • A lexical approach to teaching terminological units (Boyan Alexiev, Dimana Keremidchieva)   ……   122
  • ESP curriculum design and cognitive skills formation (Boryana Ruzhekova-Rogozherova)    …..   135
  • Variations on teaching body English (Valentina Raynova) …… 159
  • Non-anthropomorphic metaphorical models in dentistry (on English and Russian materials) (Svetlana Taneva)   ……  178
  • Commercial correspondence in teaching Russian as a foreign language (Dimitrina Lesnevska)    .….  193
  • Writing for the BETA E-Newsletter …… 200
  • Notes for Contributors ……  201

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ISSN 1314-6874
Editors: Zarina Markova (Main Editor of the current issue) and  Sylvia Velikova (Associate Editor)

Openness and connectedness: exploring the landscape of English language teaching in the modern world (selected papers)

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Selected papers from the
22nd BETA-IATEFL Annual International Conference
21st – 23rd June 2013, Varna, Bulgaria

BETA E-Newsletter, Issue 7, Year II, September-October 2013, ISSN 1314-6874


  • Kaizen and appropriate methodology: Innovation in the provision of pre-service education and training for English Language Teachers
    Steve Mann 5
  • Openness and connectedness – can we teach that?
    Svetlana Dimitrova-Gjuzeleva 23
  • Academic presentation skills for PhD students
    Violeta Karastateva 30
  • A tertiary level project for enhancing foreign language skills
    Valentina Raynova 42
  • Project work in the context of blended learning
    Mariya Neykova 46
  • Class-wikis: Building up collaborative learning environments
    Esma Asuman Eray 56
  • Change of activities and cross-curricular connections in the Kindergarten
    Zhivka Ilieva 67
  • Diversity of subjects in English Imperatives
    Petranka Ruseva 77
  • Interactive digital storytelling in the primary classroom
    Lidiya Dimitrova 86