Georgi Geshev

Dear BETA Members, friends and supporters, It was me that was most surprised to find myself BETA President for the second time. No kidding. And my wife was … I will not tell you, family issues are strictly confidential. In any case, sincere thanks for trusting me; and I will do my best to help BETA become … well, better! To do this, we from the newly-elected Committee need the help of all fellow-teachers of English. And need it very much. Please contact us: your suggestions and critical comments will be considered. My word! For a start: what dates would be most convenient for you to have the 2019 Conference in Plovdiv? And, do not forget to renew your membership; tell other colleagues that we exist, and will be happy to have them on board. I am aware this is a hard time for the English Teachers’ Association in Bulgaria: the limited attendance at the wonderful 2018 Conference in Burgas is but one proof for this. And it was an event well worth visiting (thanks a lot to Gergana Georgieva and the organizing team!), plus, I would say, excellent value for money. You are the only people who can make BETA serve you better. About me? Well, married with two young daughters taking up all of my time; moved from Plovdiv to Burgas because of my family. Rather experienced than young, with a past 1998 – 2001 presidency behind me, and definitely the heaviest leader our Association has ever had (in terms of kilograms, I mean). Right now moving back from University to school teaching for a number of reasons. Which reminds me: BETA is NOT just an academic Association of University Professors; school teachers are more than welcome – why not as Committee members as well. The presentations at our events are – and should be – of practical use in the classroom. I will stop here for now, and sincerely wish you all the best both in your career and your personal life!

Membership Secretary
Desislava Terzieva

I am a specialist in English language and methodology. I am the manager of Estiliya Ltd and I work primarily with pre-school children in Asenovgrad. It is agreat honour for me to work as part of BETA Committee.

Irina Ivanova

I work as an ELT methodologist and teacher trainer at the Department of English Studies in Shumen University. I give lectures and seminars on Methods in teaching English to BA and MA students of English studies, Applied linguistics, and Primary school education, and supervise the school-based teaching practice of trainee and re-trainee teachers of English.
I am also involved in in-service teacher training, development and certification at the Department of Information, Qualification and Lifelong learning in Varna.
I have participated in some national and international projects in the field of language teaching. Currently I am involved in a multilateral Grundtvid learning partnership project on using coaching skills in adult education. As part of Erasmus university staff exchange I have visited the universities of Norwich, Loughborough and Gent. My academic interests are in the field of linguistics and language teaching and learning. I have an MA in Russian studies, an MA in Linguistics and Translation and a PhD in applied linguistics.


International Relations
Gergana Georgieva

I am a full-time lecturer at the Department of International Law and International Relations at the Law and History Faculty of the South-West University “Neofit Rilski”, Blagoevgrad. I teach ESP – in particular European Union terminology – to students majoring in European Studies and International Relations. My scientific interests are in the field of Eurolinguistics, Political Linguistics and Legal English. The area of my research is Multilingualism and European Integration. Besides, I have experience in teaching general English to children and adults. I feel privileged to be a part of BETA’s team and in charge of the International Partnership.


Editor of Publications

Polly Petcova

I am a Lecturer in English at the Department of English and American Studies at the Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv. It is there that I received my Bachelor’s Degree in English and American Studies and later my Master’s Degree in Translation. I am currently working on my PhD in the field of linguistics.
Some of the courses I teach at the English Department of the University of Plovdiv are: English Practice classes: Grammar and Vocabulary; Translation; and Writing Classes; Academic Writing; and Introduction into Sociolinguistics. Other than teaching English as a foreign language, my interests are focused on Linguistics, Cognitive Linguistics and Pragmatics. In my spare time I enjoy reading literature from the Victorian era and Style manuals.
I am a member of the Union of Scientists of Bulgaria (USB), the International Cognitive Linguistics Association (ICLA), and the committee of the Bulgarian Society for the Study of English (BSBS or recently BSSE).
It is a privilege to be a member and part of the committee of BETA!