2002 Sofia

11th National BETA – IATEFL Conference
21 – 22 September 2002, Sofia

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All you need is … POP

The following activities were initially designed as a part of self – study courseware  accompanying  a teacher training course ‘Studying Culture’ delivered in four Bulgarian universities: New Bulgarian University, Sofia University, Plovdiv University and University of Veliko Turnovo. However, some of  tasks have been also piloted with English language students at NBU and proved suitable [...]

The Media – What Can We Do to Them?

Some ideas for using media texts in the EFL classroom to develop skills for intercultural communication Handout 1: Personally speaking Task: Work in pairs. Ask your partner about as many different types of media s/he uses. Put them in Column A of the table below. In Column B put his/ her reasons for using them. Use the [...]