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Fun with Pictures for ELT

This was a demonstration of ways in which pictures can be used in ELT. It started with a display of juggling to illustrate the point that in language practise activities, a number of components can be ‘juggled’, eg memory, question and answer, descriptions, indirect answers. This was to show that good picture activities consist of [...]

Communication skills for teachers in the language classroom

Introduction The way in which some teachers communicate with and establish positive rapport with language learner students often seems effortless – one of life’s mysteries. How do they do it? The question is worth asking because: Teacher trainers can produce plenty of anecdotal evidence of the opposite extreme – trainee teachers or even experienced teachers [...]

The Role of Headway Elementary for Developing Bulgarian Learners’ Intercultural Competence

The Role of Headway Elementary for Developing Bulgarian Learners’ Intercultural Competence

The main aim of this paper is to study in some detail a textbook – Headway Elementary (OUP) – still commonly used in Bulgaria for teaching English to adult beginners with respect to its role for developing Bulgarian learners’ intercultural competence.

Activities for integrating concept learning – Into the science in english lessons

Combining an exercise typical for studying a foreign language in subject learning is one of the areas in education today that is of great interest. In particular, students who study various subjects in a language not native for them, face a double challenge – to master both content and vocabulary of the subject. There are [...]

Hester Prynne: A Bridge Over Two Centuries and Continents

CREATIVE TEACHING is predicated upon the ability of the teacher to motivate students by arousing their interest in the material to be studied. However, this is not always an easy task. Such teaching demands a lively imagination, ability to analyze and anticipate student needs, and a willingness to experiment. Among WAYS TO MOTIVATE STUDENTS the [...]

“Surfing” the Pages of Identity

Introduction The presentation focuses on the role of the foreign language teacher as mediator between cultures, as a professional who is able to guide his/her students through the meanings of the cultural practices that take place within the foreign and the native framework. Therefore, it attempts to turn attention to the necessity of consistent intercultural [...]

Stara Zagora Plenary

Stara Zagora Plenary

Van Lier’s definition, with its extensive social, cultural and political implications, seems to relate to a far broader educational constituency than is typically addressed by the literature concerned with English Language Teaching.
Within the ELT community, the term ‘language awareness’ has largely been adopted to denote the linguistic knowledge that it is believed should form the essential core of the foreign language teacher’s professional expertise.

Caring, sharing & despairing: a critical appraisal of humanistic language teaching approaches & techniques

Do you believe that an English language teacher’s job is to teach the subject – nothing more, nothing less? Or do you believe that language classes should focus on the development of the whole individual, or even that teachers are ‘facilitators of freedom’ (to quote Carl Rogers), with a duty to empower their learners and [...]

“Spelling Wimbledon” or how to make spelling fun

 Activity overview I came to think of this “game” in search of a better, non-threatening way of improving my students’ spelling skills. Dictation was obviously not sufficient in itself, and asking individual students to come to the blackboard and write words was anything but non-threatening. Just then it occurred to me that my students – [...]

The cultural syllabus and its effect on the English language teaching profession in the town of Shoumen

The cultural syllabus and its effect on the English language teaching profession in the town of Shoumen

  Quite recently, while still writing this paper, the Bulgarian government started the official negotiations for the country’s integration in the European Community. This lays the foundations of a long and difficult process of radical changes in all spheres of our political, economic and social life aimed at successful integration. In the context of these [...]