2008 Sofia

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How can we moodle together

I COULD BE IN GREECE! The people I’ve just arrived in Sofia and I can already  hear Greek being spoken around me. When I ask a grinning  clerk at the train station where I can get a bus to the city centre he  immediately leaves his booth  to walk with me to the bus stop [...]

Technology and Collaborative Learning – The Teaching of Writing

Les Visiteurs or Lost in Translation

Lesson planning? It can’t be that difficult!

Making grammar lessons fun

A European project for teaching languages through national stories

Towards Awareness Raising of Multicultural and Multilingual Europe while Teaching Foreign Languages to Young Learners The Comenius 2.1. project, subsidized by the European Commission puts into practice the idea that Languages should be bridges not barriers between people in Europe as Mr Orban, commissioner for multilingualism has stated. The project lasted 3 years and a [...]

Building collocation competence

The paper deals with collocations of the type verb + noun, which are central to building the language learner’s mental lexicon.  It draws on evidence of language learners’ lack of awareness of the psychological salience and severely limited repertoire of collocations in their output. It further looks at noticing as a central pedagogic activity and [...]

Using technology in teaching learning-disabled

Abstract: Our paper discusses the use of innovative technological solutions in foreign language teaching for a particular student population, specifically learning-disabled (LD) students. The present research summarizes four academic projects implemented in institutions of higher education in Israel: Holon Institute of Technology, Ashkelon Academic College, Netanya Academic College and Levinski Teacher Training College. Keywords: dyslexia, [...]

English preterit and perfect testing techniques

Summary: The article treats some general issues related to the importance of language testing, types of tests, criteria testing materials should correspond to as well as more specific topics as to particularities and implementation of English preterit and perfect new testing techniques. Suggested innovative procedures concern the use of graphs, pictures, poetry, fiction texts, story-telling, [...]

Adding more sights and sounds to the English lesson through music videos

The primary purpose of this workshop is to suggest some practical ideas about the use of music videos during the English lesson and to demonstrate some of the possibilities that they offer as a means of expressing concepts and emotions, presenting stories or events. Videos’ main advantage is that they combine pieces of music and [...]