In the current issue:

  • Editors’ Corner  (p. 3)
  • Mind the Gap: Room for Something Spooky (Andy Thatcher) (p. 5)
  • BASIC GLOBAL ENGLISH: A Leaner More Learnable Lingua Franca for Plurilingual Pedagogies (Bill Templer) (p. 8)
  • Teacher- and Learner- Friendly Test Formatting (Georgi Geshev) (p. 31)
  • The Spell of the Spelling Bee (Eleonora Lazarova) (p. 35)
  • Perspective: An American Ex-Speller in Bulgaria (Athena Lao) (p. 41)
  • The 23rd BETA-IATEFL Annual International Conference (A. Suzan Öniz and Zarina Markova) (p. 43)
  • The 48th Annual International IATEFL Conference and Exhibition, Harrogate, April 2014 (Zhivka Ilieva)  (p. 54)
  • Swap Shop: Teaching Colours To Very Young Learners (Tatjana Kociper-Štepec) (p. 58)
  • Poetry Corner: Who Am I? (Dainess Maganda) (p. 62)
  • SEETA News (p. 64)
  • Forthcoming Events in the World of ELT (p. 65)
  • Writing for the BETA E-Newsletter (p. 68)
  • Notes for Contributors (p. 69)

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Editors: Zarina Markova (Main Editor of the current issue), Sylvia Velikova (Associate Editor)