In the current issue

  • Editors’ Corner  (p. 3)
  • Teachers as Readers: Learning to Reunite with Your Own Reading Identity over the Summer and Beyond (Bill Templer) (p. 4)
  • The 25th BETA-IATEFL Annual International Conference (Zhivka Ilieva) (p. 11)
  • First BETA Experience: Throw Me in the Deep and I Will Learn How to Host a Conference (Magdalena Gogalcheva and Polina Petcova) (p. 15)
  • Reflections on the 25th BETA-IATEFL Annual International Conference, 3rd-5th June 2016, Paisiii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv (Violeta Karastateva) (p. 20)
  • The Best Thing about Conferences Is Sharing (Maria Ivanova)  (p. 24)
  • Krikor Azaryan Sarmale: Post-BETA 2016 Article (Reneta Stoimenova) (p. 26)
  • Conference Reflections: Plovdiv 2016 (Gergana Taleva) (p. 30)
  • A Brief Personal Review and Impressions from the BETA Conference (Rumena Gospodinova) (p. 33)
  • 25th BETA–IATEFL Annual International Conference (Elka Rasheva) (p. 35)
  • BETA-IATEFL Plovdiv 2016: Conference Impressions (Ilina Doykova) (p. 37)
  • Musings of 14th ELTA Serbia Conference 20-21 May 2016, Belgrade (Gergana Georgieva) (p. 38)
  • FIPLV Nordic-Baltic Region (NBR) Conference in Tallinn, June 9-11, 2016 (Zhivka Ilieva) (p. 44)
  • Poetry Corner: Task Force (Martin Eayrs) (p. 50)
  • SEETA News (p. 51)
  • Forthcoming Events in the World of ELT (p. 52)
  • Writing for the BETA-IATEFL E-Newsletter (p. 54)
  • Notes for Contributors (p. 55)

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Editors: Sylvia Velikova (Main Editor of the current issue) and  Zarina Markova (Associate Editor)