In the current issue

  • Editors’ Corner (p.5)
  • Using the English classroom for developing soft skills in children (Syana Harizanova) (p.7)
  • Implementation of portfolio and self-assessment in EFL writing courses (Marina Samalieva) (p.15)
  • Technical translation in second language acquisition (Violeta Karastateva) (p.26)
  • Structuring paragraphs in scientific writing (English for Medical Purposes) (Ilina Doykova) (p.50)
  • Input as a factor in attainment of implicit and explicit knowledge and proficiency in EFL (Mariana Gotseva) (p.58)
  • ETools, eTwinning and Erasmus +: Using various tools in class inspired by eTwinning projects (Maya Kyulevchieva) (p.75)
  • Teaching English: the case of primary teachers in Italy (Carmelina Maurizio) (p.78)
  • To motivate learners, you need motivated teachers (Zarina Markova and Irina Ivanova) (p.86)
  • Save the date (p.96)
  • Writing for the BETA E-Newsletter (p.97)
  • Notes for Contributors (p.98)

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Editors: Zarina Markova (main editor of the current issue) and Sylvia Velikova (associate editor)