In the current issue

  • Editors’ Corner  (p.  3)
  • Recommended Teaching Tools Leading to Improved Learning Experiences for Young Learners (Slavica Stojchevska) (p. 4)
  • The European Union: A Better Place to Live (Stoyanka Delibeeva) (p. 8)
  • “Kin”: A Christmas Story about New York’s Poor (Bill Templer)  (p. 25)
  • Inclusive Aspects of the CLIL Approach. A Resource for Teaching Foreign Languages to Learners with Special Educational Needs: The Case of the Italian Schools (Carmelina Maurizio) (p. 43)
  • 11th International and 15th National ATECR Conference ELT Czechlist: Ideas from the Heart of Europe (Albena Stefanova)  (p. 49)
  • Across the Borders – over the Boundaries – beyond the Limits: Impressions from the 25th International IATEFL Poland Conference (Zarina Markova) (p. 54)
  • Poetry Corner: The Art Class 2 (Helen Bar-Lev) (p. 59)
  • SEETA News (p. 60)
  • Forthcoming Events in the World of ELT (p. 61)
  • Writing for the BETA-IATEFL E-Newsletter (p. 63)
  • Notes for Contributors (p. 64)

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Editors: Sylvia Velikova (Main Editor of the current issue) and  Zarina Markova (Associate Editor)