In the current issue

  • Editors’ Corner (p. 3)
  • Terrae Incognitae: Learner Autonomy and Gamification (Christian Ludwig) (p. 4)
  • What Not to Do to Get Students Reading (Mark Bartholomew) (p. 18)
  • It Can Take No Tech to Kill a Mockingbird (Reneta Stoimenova)  (p. 22)
  • Introducing a Classic Lesson Plan for Two Texts on Discrimination (Bill Templer)  (p. 30)
  • World Languages and Religions: A Bilingual Lesson in Bulgarian and English (Milena Cherneva) (p. 41)
  • Exploiting Life-like or Real-life Situations to Enhance Business English Learning (Helena Jošt) (p. 44)
  • Interview with: Elka Todeva (Tanya Bikova) (p. 52)
  • Poetry Corner: February (Christopher Buxton) (p. 61)
  • Forthcoming Events in the World of ELT (p. 62)
  • Writing for the BETA-IATEFL E-Newsletter (p. 67)
  • Notes for Contributors (p. 68)

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Editors: Sylvia Velikova (Main Editor of the current issue) and  Zarina Markova (Associate Editor)