In the current issue 

  • Editors’ Corner (p. 3)
  • How to Get Students Reading (Mark Bartholomew) (p. 5)
  • Qualitative Research Methods and EFL Teaching (Valentina Georgieva) (p. 10)
  • Implementation of Cognitive Teaching Procedures in ESP Teaching: The Case of a Course on Overhead Contact Lines (Boryana T. Ruzhekova-Rogozherova) (p. 19)
  • The TESOL MThNG Conference – New Trends in Teaching in an Ancient City (Galina Velichkova) (p. 32)
  • Interview with: Diane Larsen-Freeman (Tanya Bikova) (p. 40)
  • Book Review: ‘A-Z of Hope’ (Marusya Hristova) (p. 47)
  • Poetry Corner: Suddenly It’s Summer (David A. Hill) (p. 50)
  • Forthcoming Events in the World of ELT (p. 51)
  • Writing for the BETA E-Newsletter (p. 55)
  • Notes for Contributors (p. 56)

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Editors: Zarina Markova (main editor of the current issue) and Sylvia Velikova (associate editor)