The Bulgarian Society for British Studies (BSBS) held its 13th annual conference on November 7-9th, 2008 in Sofia.
The aim of the conference was to shed light on the impact of global processes on communication. The topic of the Conference – Discourses Of Globalisation – was approached from different perspectives among which language policies; language manipulation; Global English and foreign language teaching/ learning; ways of identification and conceptualisation of human action; dynamics of globalization discourses in terms of homogenisation/ differentiation, integration/ fragmentation, etc.
Besides the three plenary sessions delivered by prominent scholars in the field, nearly 60 more presentations (one third of them given by international participants) were streamed into two sections working simultaneously.
BETA was represented by 4 of its members. A big clap for our folks who all gave interesting and thought-provoking presentations:

  • Ellie Boyadzhieva (“Ditransitives and their arguments in modern English”)
  • Stefka Kitanova (“Humour in Science books and lessons)
  • Syana HarizanovaNikolina Tsvetkova (“Young learners in the Global Village”)