Dear colleagues,
We would like to present to you a great opportunity that the Embassy has just announced as we are sure a lot of your students will be interested in applying for it.
The U.S. Embassy in Sofia is now seeking applications for the 2014 Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Summer Institute, a fantastic (and very competitive) exchange program for young Americans and Europeans. The Institute will take place in the United States from June 28-July 26, 2014. The Institute intends to foster relationships among younger generations of Europeans and Americans to promote awareness of shared values in light of the global challenges of the 21st Century. The cost of the program will be paid by the U.S. government.
The Institute will enable teenagers ages 16-18 to participate in an intensive, four-week exchange program that focuses on the global issues facing European and American youth on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Students will participate in a variety of activities such as training sessions, workshops, community-based programs, study tours, and cultural events. Participants will work together to prepare joint projects that present and promote the stated goals and objectives of the Institute.
For more information, eligibility requirements, and an application form, please visit:
In case you have any questions about the program and its details, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Viktoriya Toshkova
Cultural Affairs Assistant
Public Affairs Section
Tel: +359 2 937 5186
Mobile: +359 88 7610114
U.S. Embassy Sofia