Dear BETA conference participants and members,

BETA 2024 Conference will be held in Shumen on 28th and 29 September 2024. Shumen and the region attract visitors with their history, mystery, natural charm and radiant people. Two ancient Bulgarian capitals – Pliska and Preslav – are located just 25 km away from the city. Shumen fortress overlooks the city and Shumen Plateau Nature Park is Shumen Plateau – the highest plateau in the Danube plain. Madara Horseman, a monument which is an early medieval UNESCO World Heritage site, is 15 km away of Shumen and dates back to the reign of Khan Tervel. Some of the oldest educational institutions in the country were established in Shumen over 150 years ago as the city was a centre of intense cultural activity during the Bulgarian Revival (Renaissance).

Language is the foundation of culture and culture is the canvas of history, so we hope to prepare the canvas of the education of the future together with you.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Shumen next year.
BETA Committee